Tomatoes market report

As indicated by the European Union Agricultural Report production of tomatoes is expected to remain moderately stable between now and 2030, compared to the average for 2014-2016. In 2016 and 2017 European Union countries produced over 18 million metric tonnes of tomatoes. 60% of them is used in the processing industry, and 40% is consumed fresh. It is interesting that that five countries (Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and France) produced almost 80% of tomatoes for fresh consumption and three countries (Spain, Portugal and Italy) produced almost 95% of tomatoes for processing. Two trends can be observed. First – consumption of fresh tomatoes is expected to decrease a little compared to rising consumption of processed tomatoes. Second – while the production areas is expected to decrase, the average yields are increasing thanks to high level of specialisation. Export of tomatoes is expected to increase 0,4% per year in volume and 0,7% in value and import is expected to fall by 1,3% due to decreasing demand for tomato paste, replaced by EU production of tomato pulp. It is expected that in 2030 European Union will become net exporter of processed tomatoes but will remain net importer of total tomatoes.

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